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Club Sports Teams


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Club Sport

Club Description

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Alpine Ski Team

To improve the basic skiing skills that students possess through ski racing.

Badminton Club

Provides recreational badminton practice, for WPI faculty, staff and students.

Ballroom Dancing Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Cheerleading Team

Promote school spirit and provide support and encouragement for WPI athletic teams.

Cricket Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Cycling Club

A group of students who share a common interest in mountain, road or other biking.

Dance Team

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Fencing Club Team

Provides an outlet for the instruction of and participation in fencing.

Freestyle Wrestling Club

Focuses on Freestyle & Greco Roman Forms of Wrestling.


An opportunity for students to golf on a daily basis with the prospect to be able to compete against other college teams.

Ice Hockey Club Team

Provides an opportunity to compete in the sport of ice hockey at the Club Level

Karate Club

Using the teachings of Master Gichin Funakosi to improve physical, mental and spiritual health

Men's Lacrosse Club Team

Provides the opportunity to compete against other college teams in the sport of lacrosse.

Women's Lacrosse Club Team

Provides the opportunity to compete against other college women's teams in the sport of lacrosse.

WPI Outing Club

Promotes outdoor activities through informal trips and expeditions or

Pep Band

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Roller Hockey

A group of WPI students interested in playing Roller Hockey against other teams.

Men's Rugby Club Team

To promote the sport of Rugby at WPI.                                            

Women's Rugby Club Team

Promotes the sport of Women's Rugby at WPI.

Men's Volleyball Club Team

Offers the opportunity to compete against other college teams in the sport of Club Volleyball.

Sailing Club Team

Encourage & promote nautical activities at WPI.

Scuba Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Society of Martial Arts (SOMA)

An organization focused on the improvement of physical, spiritual and mental qualities through the medium of the study of martial arts.

Ski & Snowboard Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Soccer Club Team

Organized for students who wish to continue playing competitive soccer.

Social Dance Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Table Tennis Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Tennis Club

WPI students that want to play recreational or competitive tennis year-round.

Ultimate Frisbee Club Team

A group of WPI students interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee against other college teams.                                    

Underwater Hockey Club

Coming Soon

 Coming Soon

Water Polo Club Team

WPI students who wish to participate in water polo at the club level.

(as of 4/13/11)