Sports Medicine




WPI Athletic Training services are provided exclusively for WPI Varsity Student Athletes.


Pre-Participation form submission is now OPEN. 

Please visit the WPI Health Services website:        

 log into the Health Portal to download and upload your forms for review

Deadlines for Preparticipation Clearance 2016:

Fall Sports: 2016 Football: August 11th, physicals accepted from February 11th on
                             Men's Soccer: August 19th, physicals accepted from February 19th on                          
                             Volleyball: August 19th, physicals accepted from February 19th on
                             Field Hockey: August 19th, physicals accepted from February 19th on
                            Women's Soccer: August 19th, physicals accepted from February 19th on                      
                            Cross Country: August 30th, physicals accepted from February 30th on
ALL Winter and Spring SPORTS: August 25th, physicals accepted from February 25th on
(the first day of school will be your first opportunity to workout with our Strength & Conditioning coaches 

*Please refer to the Pre-Participation Medical Clearance section to find information on the mandatory Preparticipation Physical form, what forms parents need to sign, how to view the mandatory educational videos, and the printable Medical Forms Checklist. 

                             ***WE ARE NO LONGER USING MYWPI***

The Sports Medicine Team  
   Head Athletic Trainer           Mike DeSavage    508-831-5733      
   Athletic Trainer   Tim Harrold    508-831-6115
   Athletic Trainer   Shannah Dalton    508-832-6711

   Team Physicians   UMass Sports Medicine Group      
   Athletic Training fax #      508-831-6185                                  
              Athletic Training Department Alias Email address                                   


School Address: 100 Institute Rd, Worcester MA 01505

GPS Address: 151 Salisbury St, Worcester

Location: The Varsity Athletic Training Room is located on the first floor of the Sports and Recreation Center

Daily Schedule:

Monday - Friday

10am - 3pm: This time is for evaluation, treatment & rehabilitation.

If an athlete can not make it to be seen during this time frame, please email or speak with the athletic training staff about scheduling an appointment at a different time.

3pm - one half hour past the last practice or game:

This time is dedicated to taping and preparing athletes for practice or competition. This is NOT time for evaluations. Any injuries sustained during practice will be seen immediately and should follow up the next morning.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Open one hour before teams have to be on the field and closes 30 minutes after competition or practice

  • Sunday treatment times are usually announced Saturday and are posted on the door


Check out our informational brochure to learn more about what an athletic trainer is and what we do!

Pre-Participation Medical Clearance

The Pre-Participation Forms can be downloaded below and the Health Portal. All forms must be uploaded onto the Health Portal through Health Services (link listed above).

The Health Portal Forms for Athletics begin with the word "Varsity".

Completed Forms can be uploaded in the designated areas in the "Upload" Section of the Health Portal.

No forms will be accepted  or viewed on MYWPI!

The following is a description of each form needed for student-athletes to be cleared for varsity sports at WPI. 

 Please use the Medical Forms Checklist to complete your paperwork.

*Click on any heading to download forms, or they can be downloaded from the Health Portal.


Section 1: PreParticipation Medical History and Physical Evaluation Form (REQUIRED)  

  • The Medical History questionnaire provides us with relevant information about the student-athlete's medical history in regards to sports. Make sure to complete the form, sign, and explain any "yes" responses (include dates).
  • The “Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation” needs to be performed by a Board Certified Physician. Student-athletes who are beginning their initial season of eligibility (first years or transfers) are required to undergo this medical examination within a six month period prior to their sport's start date. (Sport start dates are listed above)

PLEASE BE AWARE: Physical forms from doctor's offices may or may not have all the appropriate testing performed. It is required that the WPI "pre-participation physical" form be used. The physician signature and office stamp ensures that your son/daughter was seen and cleared by the appropriate medical personnel. Please be sure that the form is completed, signed, and dated by a physician. 


Section 2: 2a- "Insurance Acknowledgement Requirement Form" (REQUIRED) 

  • This form alerts student-athletes to the dangers of sports participation, give the Sports Medicine Team permission to treat the student-athlete's and provides us with proof of insurance coverage.
  • This form verifies that WPI student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics have the appropriate amount of                 medical coverage for athletically-related injuries mandated by the NCAA ($90,000).
  • WPI will assume no responsibilities whatsoever for the payment of, or authorization to pay , medical or dental expenses resulting from injuries that occur while participating in intercollegiate athletics at WPI.
  • This document must be signed by the parent or guardian who is the insurance card holder.
  • Please maintain the first page for your records and return the signed second page with the other forms.

                   2b- "Acceptance of Risk, Consent to Treat and Proof of Insurance Form" (REQUIRED)

  • Please complete this form in full. It provides the Athletic Training Staff with insurance and emergency contact information.
  • This form must be signed by a parent/guardian if you are under the age of 18.

Section 3: "Sickle Cell Trait Requirement form & waiver" (REQUIRED)

There are Three options to complete your Sickle cell trait requirements but it is highly recommended for your health and safety that you confirm your Sickle Cell Trait status. If you choose to sign the waiver, you will be required to participate in additional educational material regarding the risks, impact, and precautions associated with sickle cell trait.

  • Option 1: Have your primary care physician look up your sickle cell trait status and complete the sickle cell screening section of the Sickle Cell Trait form, and submit the test results.
  • Option 2: If sickle cell trait status was not tested at birth you can request a sickle cell screen blood test from the student-athlete’s primary care physician. If testing is not performed at home, the student-athlete can request testing at WPI Health Services. Results will be required prior to sport participation.
  • Option 3: If the student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian do not desire sickle cell testing, the Sickle Cell trait testing Waiver portion of the sickle cell trait form must be signed by both the student-athlete and the parent/guardian (regardless of students age).  Additionally the student-athlete will be required to watch an educational video (15 minute video) regarding sickle cell Trait.
  • Click here for more information on Sickle Cell Trait. 

Section 4: "ADD/ADHD Medication exception form" (Submitted As Needed)

  • This form is only needed if the student-athlete is prescribed medication to treat ADD/ADHD.
  • Further explanation can be found here.  

Section 5: Pre-season Educational Video requirement (REQUIRED)

  • Download the "Varsity athletics athletic training educational video signature form" from the forms section of the Health Portal
  • all three video links are available from the Health Portals main page: click on "education" (top right)
  • Click on the video's to view them and complete the "Varsity Athletics Athletic Training Educational Video Signature Form" to varify that you have watched the videos and understand their content.
  • The signature form can be located in the "forms" section of Health Portal.

Section 6: Additional forms that will be completed at WPI:

  1.  Baseline concussion test (to be completed by all first year and transfer student athletes
  2.  NCAA Drug Testing Form
  3.  WPI Drug Screening and Alcohol Policy Form   
  • WPI Varsity Athletics Drug and Alcohol Policy all varsity student-athletes are subject to this policy, including random drug testing throughout the year.
  • A copy of this policy can be found here.


8. NCAA HIPAA Release

  • This form is needed for your compliance paperwork. It will authorize athletic training to release information about injuries to the NCAA in an anonymous manner to help evaluate effectiveness of health and safety rules and policies




The forms above and in the preceding links are in PDF format, for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader®. This free software is available for download from Adobe's Web site.


Injury and Treatment Reporting

  • All injuries need to be evaluated by a staff athletic trainer.
  • When coming to the Athletic training room for injury evaluation or treatment, including routine taping the student-athlete must sign in on the computer kiosk.

Emergency Room Referral

  • In the event that you are sent to or transported to the emergency room:
  1. Identify yourself as a WPI student
  2. Obtain a copy of your exam notes
  3. Contact the following persons:
  • i. Parent/guardian
  • ii. The training room
  • iii. Coach

  4. Be sure to follow the directions from the ER regarding care until your follow up appointment.  

WPI Varsity Athletic Injury Emergency Policy  

 See WPI's Concussion Protocol HERE



Useful Information for WPI Varsity Student-Athletes












Supporing Student-Athlete Mental Wellness
Reminder - In the event of emergency, call 911!)

Visiting Teams

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available at home contests. Please call in advance if your team will be traveling without an ATC. Teams that are visiting WPI will not have access to modalities other than heat before games and ice provided after each contest.

Teams traveling without a certified athletic trainer are requested to bring a stocked medical kit for pre game taping, as well as a note outlining any specific requests.

On each home bench, there will be a splint bag and AED, as well as injury ice. Teams will be provided with water and cups on the bench. Water bottles will be available by request. Crutches will be provided in the event of lower extremity injury.