WPI Athletics Reveals Updated Spectator Policy


We are happy to announce that fans can return to the WPI campus for home games and cheer for their teams. We do have some guidelines all spectators will need to follow to help ensure we can continue to gather on campus at our events: 

  • All spectators must wear masks (with nose and mouth covered) when at our indoor facilities while all unvaccinated spectators must wear masks at our outdoor facilities. (updated 10/8/21)

  • Social distancing is strongly encouraged
  • Tailgating before, during and after contests is NOT permitted this fall.  There is no food or  alcoholic beverages allowed in our facilities and there will be no concession stand. (updated 9/12/21)

  • Please do not come to campus if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms or you have been diagnosed with COVID within 14 days; please stay home and watch the contest on livestream. (Go to our website and find your team and look at the schedule to find the livestream links for home and away regular season and postseason contests https://athletics.wpi.edu/landing/index)

  • After contests, please refrain from congregating with student-athletes on the field, court, gym and/or athletic facilities; we encourage you to meet with them separately away from our athletic facilities (indoors and outdoors) so that we can maintain a healthy, socially distanced environment for all 

We look forward to seeing you on campus again very soon!