WPI & NCAA Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

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What is Title IX? WPI’s Title IX coordinator Melissa Pierce Explains

Statement of support from the Department of Athletics on the new NCAA Title IX and sexual violence policy:

WPI is committed to full compliance with the recent (August 2017) NCAA policy requiring annual sexual assault education for student athletes, coaches and athletic administrators.  Sexual violence prevention is a campus-wide priority at WPI and we are committed to ensuring our athletics department is knowledgeable about, integrated in, and compliant with institutional policies and processes regarding sexual violence prevention as well as proper adjudication and resolution of acts of sexual violence.  Compliance with the NCAA policy requires verification for annual ongoing training: sign off by the school president, athletics director, and Title IX coordinator.

The following links will direct you to WPI policies regarding sexual violence prevention and adjudication for your review.

University SAVE website: http://www.wpi.edu/+save

WPI Title IX website: https://www.wpi.edu/offices/title-ix