Sports Medicine


WPI Athletic Training services are provided for all WPI Varsity Student Athletes.

*We are here for you during Summer Break. Please email *

Pre-Participation Forms for 2021-22 Now Availible! Please refer to the directions in the WPI Pre-Participation Form Requirements section below.

During Summer Break please email us if:

1) You test positive for COVID-19. There will be additonal medical requirements for clearance to resume WPI Athletics activity in the Fall. 

2) You have a new injury or illness.

3) You were seen by an outside doctor or PT for a new injury or illness.

Communicating this information early will help avoid any delay with paperwork clearance. 



Athletic Training

Michael DeSavage

Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 508-831-5733

Shannah Dalton

Associate Head Athletic Trainer

Phone: 508-831-6711

Rachel Kaliff

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 508-831-6115

Athletic Training Fax: 508-831-6185

Athletic Training Email: 

Team Physicians: UMass Memorial Sports Medicine Group


The Varsity Athletic Training Room is located on the first floor of the Sports and Recreation Center (across from the pool) 


School Address: 100 Institute Rd, Worcester MA 01505

GPS Address: 151 Salisbury St, Worcester

In the case of an Emergency: WPI Athletic Training's Emergency Action Plan

 Athletic Training Room Office Schedule: Hours will be updated for Fall 2021



Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays

Injury Evaluations

9 am-3 pm

Please email for appointment

By appointment only

Treatments (ultrasound, stim, massage, etc.)

9 am-3 pm

Please email for appointment

By appointment only


9 am-3 pm (New Rehabs)

Please email for appointment

9 am-Close (Established Rehabs)

*Close is approximately 1/2 hour after last practice/game 

By appointment only

Heat, Ice, Stretching, Rolling

9 am-Close

*Close is approximately 1/2 hour after last practice/game

Open 2 hours before first game

Open 1 hour before first practice

Close approximately 1/2 hour after last practice/game

Cannot Make These Times…

Email: to schedule appointment.

Email: to schedule appointment.


WPI Varsity Athletics Pre-participation Form Requirements

Directions for form completion and submission provided below.

Please Be Aware:

  1. We utlize SportsWare for Pre-participation Form submission. Please do not fax or send any forms.

  2. The NCAA mandates that First Year/Transfer student-athletes have a new physical within 6 months to the start of their season. Please refer to start dates below for your team.

  3. All returners will need an updated physical. 
  4. Only the WPI Physical Form will be accepted. It is available below and on SportsWare. The form must be completed in full and not say "see attached".

  5. If you are under 18 years old a parent/guardian signature will be required on all forms. This can be tough in SportsWare, so please contact us for addtional directions. 

  6. All paperwork is due by August 1, 2021

Listed below are the tenative Pre-participaton Physical Dates for Returners and First Year/Transfers (NCAA 6 Month Rule):



All first yeartransfer student-athletes must have a physical 6 months prior to the start of their first offical practice. This rule is mandated by the NCAA (2017).


Pre-Participation Physical Dates


Sport Returners Need an Updated Physical By the Start of Practice First Year/Transfer Need a Physical Dated No Ealrier Than 
Football 8/11/21  2/11/21
Men's Soccer, Women's Soccer, and Volleyball 8/19/21  2/19/21
Field Hockey 8/20/21  2/20/21
Cross Country 8/23/21  2/23/21
Winter and Spring Sports 8/25/21  2/25/21


 Click on Link Below for Pre-Participation Form Directions 

Returners Click Here

First Year/Transfers Click Here

Link to SportsWare:

Printable Forms:

Physical Evaluation Form (REQUIRED)

Insurance Acknowledgement Requirement Form (REQUIRED)

Sickle Cell Trait Requirement Form or Waiver:

  • Returners do not need to complete form/waiver annually, unless they decide to get tested. 
  • Click here for more information on Sickle Cell Trait.

ADD/ADHD Medication Exception Form (Only those who take medication)

Pre-Season Athletic Training Education Resources

Please watch the following videos and review the provided documents below:


WPI Sports Medicine Concussion and

Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death Awareness

Annual educational materials for Concussion and Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death. 

Annual Concussion Education and Prevention of Catastrophic Injury Webinar

WPI Sports Medicine Concussion Saftey Protocol-Updated June 2021

NCAA Student-Athlete Concussion Factsheet 

NCAA Coaches Concussion Factsheet

WPI Sports Medicine Concussion Management Form (Provided to all athletes with a suspected concussion)



WPI Varsity Athletics Drug Screening & Alcohol Program

Policies and Procedures: WPI Drug Screening and Alcohol Program





Useful Information for WPI Varsity Student-Athletes

Monthly WPI Sports Medicine Newsletters



Exertional Heat Illness Educational Video





Supporing Student-Athlete Mental Wellness
Reminder - In the event of emergency, call 911!)

Visiting Teams

A Certified Athletic Trainer is available at home contests. Please call in advance if your team will be traveling without an ATC. Teams that are visiting WPI will not have access to modalities other than heat before games and ice provided after each contest.

Teams traveling without a certified athletic trainer are requested to bring a stocked medical kit for pre game taping, as well as a note outlining any specific requests.

On each home bench, there will be a splint bag and AED, as well as injury ice. Teams will be provided with water and cups on the bench. Water bottles will be available by request. Crutches will be provided in the event of lower extremity injury.