Selection To Hall of Fame

Selection To Hall of Fame

Each year the WPI Hall of Fame Selection Committee, comprised of generally 12-15 people, meets in May to select a new class of inductees. Thus far, well over 100 well-deserving alums and a select number of coaches and administrators have been inducted.

The parameters to the WPI Athletic Hall of Fame, established in 1983, are:

Section 1 – Selection Meeting

The WPI Athletics Hall of Fame induction process will be completed each year during the annual meeting of the Poly Club Executive Council. 

Section 2 – Selection Committee

The selection committee shall consist of the Poly Club Executive Council and as many past and present members of the WPI Athletics community that the Executive Council deems as having constructive and useful input to the process.  The committee will implement an appropriate balloting process to ensure a consistent and streamlined selection. 

Section 3 – Eligibility for Selection

Athletes’ eligibility for nomination to the WPI Athletics Hall of Fame selection process shall meet the following criteria;

a)    Must have participated in a varsity athletics program or have been a pioneering member of a club program that made an impact towards moving that program to varsity status.

b)    Athletes must have graduated from WPI to be considered.

c)    Eligibility to be nominated will begin five years after the class in which the person entered WPI has graduated.

d)    Athletic department personnel shall become eligible for election based upon their outstanding contributions to WPI Athletics with the following criteria;

1)    Current coaches must have coached for at least 15 years

2)    Any current Athletic Director must have been in the position for at least 15 years.

e)    Any eligible athlete that has a graduation year of 40 years or more preceding the selection meeting will be considered by a Veteran’s Subcommittee who shall recommend a nominee or nominees to be included in the balloting process.

f)     Any nominee that has remained on the ballot for 15 years will transfer to a dormant status to be reviewed for additional information and consideration to be included on the ballot again.

g)    People not officially connected with WPI Athletics are eligible for membership in the Hall of Fame as special cases with each situation considered by the committee on an individual basis.

h)   Election to the WPI Athletics Hall of Fame shall be based primarily upon the athletic accomplishments of the individual.  Selection shall be made on the basis of athletic ability, integrity, sportsmanship, and character with special emphasis on the athlete’s contribution to WPI and to the team or teams on which they played.

i)     Persons may also be selected who have provided distinguished service to WPI athletics and/or outstanding contributions to the WPI athlete.

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If you need additional information, please contact the sports information director at or 508-831-5328.