Alford Green '12
Alford Green '12
Title: Assistant Coach
Year: Eighth Season
Previous College: WPI '12

Alford Green enters his eighth season as an assistant coach for the Crimson and Gray in 2022-23.

Green coordinates diving scoring process and is one of the key members of Coach Bennett's staff that ensures a well-run meet or invite.

IQP: "Feasibility of Green Roofs in the Main South Community of Worcester, Massachusetts"
The goal of our project was to determine the feasibility of installing green roofs in two locations and determine other possible sites in Main South. Green roofs weigh 11 psf to 80+ psf. Roofs need to support their own weight, the green roof, and the code loads. Green roofs cost between $23/sf and $31/sf. There are 47 acres of flat roofs within the 450 acres of combined sewer area in Main South. We identified 57 possible green roof sites.

MQP: "Mixed-Use WPI Academic/Parking Structure"
This MQP details a steel framing design for a six-story combined academic building and parking garage that is proposed as part of the future space needs of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). The structure will be located on the eastern end of Gordon C. Library Parking lot on the WPI campus. Various potential design systems and construction materials for the overall building were examined and a three-story steel-framed academic building above a three-story post-tensioned concrete parking garage was selected as the most suitable solution for the client’s needs. The building is designed to satisfy WPI’s most recent Master Plan and the evolving academic needs of the School of Business, while following Worcester’s building permit regulations.