Spencer Coffin '13
Spencer Coffin '13
Title: Assistant Coach
Email: scoffin@wpi.edu
Year: Tenth Season
Previous College: WPI '13

2022-20223 marks Spencer Coffin's tenth season as a member of the WPI swimming & diving staff after competing four years for head coach Paul Bennett.

Coffin often serves as the meet manager and handles the scoring system for nearly every meet inside the Sports & Recreation Center.

IQP: "Defensive Surface Roadway Vibration Dampening Inertia Wave"
The goal of this project is to investigate the amplitude, energy, and frequency of vibrations in the typical ambulance and the effects of these vibrations on the quality, comfort, and efficiency of care. Working with current Emergency Medical Technicians, and studying past research work on vibrations and ambulance care, this project developed an overview of implications related to vibrations during transport. The team proposed a means to diminish the transfer of road vibrations into the ambulance.

MQP: "Design of an Automated Fibrin Microthread Processing System"
A semi-automated fibrin microthread production system, with a fully automated and customizable stretching system, was created to decrease variability of thread structural and mechanical properties. Machine validation verified the accuracy and precision of the stretching system to within 10% of each modifiable parameter, including stretch percentage and stretch speed. Thread validation resulted in decreased variability of thread properties, including average diameter and average ultimate tensile strength. Therefore, the automated stretching system produced more consistent threads.